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Ways to Travel First Class on a Coach Budget

Everyone wants to travel first class when traveling. Whether flying on a plane, riding on a train, or staying in hotels, the nicer the better. Unfortunately, first class plane and train tickets can be exorbitantly expensive and penthouse suites can cost a week’s salary a night. Because of the costs, most people never really consider going first class on a trip. But if you plan properly and know the tricks, traveling first class can be more attainable than you think.

The easiest way to travel first class is through rewards programs. Airlines have them, trains have them, hotels have them, even most resorts have them. By understanding the rewards programs of the company you most use, you can often find ways to upgrade yourself for little to no cost.

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The most common way to do this is with credit cards. By using a certain credit card, you accumulate points for that company. Then, you use those points to book your ticket or stay. So you can get free or reduced cost vacations for buying your groceries and paying your bills with the right card. These points can be used for any seat on any plane or any room in a hotel, usually. So if you save up the points, you can fly first class for free, or pay what you would for the coach ticket and use the points to cover the rest. The better you understand the points program, the easier it is to accumulate accelerated points.

Another common reward program is based on loyalty. The more you stay with a hotel company or fly with an airline, the higher your “rank,” and the higher your rank, the more likely you are to be upgraded, offered free accommodations, and so on. Pick an airline and a hotel chain you like, then look into their loyalty rewards.


Between the credit card and loyalty programs, you will be taking first class vacations on a coach budget before you know it.